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I first started writing when I was in school, making up various stories and never really doing a lot with them. I continued to write, albeit less often, when I left school. Then I gave it up for many years, only picking it up again as a pastime when I was working. Now I can’t imagine my life without writing.

It’s not always easy, and despite the amount that I write on a daily basis, there isn’t an endless flow of words leaving my fingers. There are times when I will stare at the computer for an hour, a day, or even a whole month with nothing to write at all. Fortunately, I have some very agreeable muses, plot bunnies, and wonderful friends letting me bounce ideas off of them. When I get going, however, there is no stopping me.

My other loves in life are my husband, my books, and my faeries. My husband is endlessly supportive, and a wonderful artist. He is responsible for the wonderful pictures of a couple of my characters. Of course, there is also the weird obsession I have with hats and hat boxes.

My books are a strange feature in my house. Every room, every spare space, and even some places where I am sure books shouldn't live. Such as next to the bath. At one point a lot of books lived in my loft. They were my mother's books. Were. As soon as I found out that she had them stuffed in boxes in a drafty loft and there were such treasures as a 1927 Wind in the Willows, I adopted them. Every last one. I dragged them down from the loft, found homes for them on my shelves, and started looking after them.

The Wind in the Willows now lives in what is known as my special books cabinet. It is filled with first editions, signed novels, rare novels, and anything older than most of my family. 1927 isn't the oldest book in there, either. That honour goes to Tales and Sketches of the Covenanters, dated at 1895. I'm rather proud of that book, because it is the only one I own that has seen two turns of the century.

The other things that you will find in every room of my house are faeries. Ornaments and pictures, calendars and plaques, plates and necklaces, I have just about everything that you could think of with faeries depicted.

Of course, my main love is writing, and I spend most of my time working away at that. I write because I love the freedom of it, the ability to create anything that I want without limits or rules. There are set rules telling me that I must only have one or two characters and that those characters must be human. I can make them into anything that I want, anywhere in the world, or nowhere in it, and I love how they come to life for me and shift and change depending on what’s happening.

You'll find the details of all my books on this site, from my short pieces that I write in writing group to the free downloads and my full length books. Everything is up on the left hand menu, and all the buy links are on the right. For more information on my journey through the writing world, check out my blog. Or if you're after some good short stories to read, check out Short, Sweet, and Snappy for my reviews of short stories in most genres.

Michelle Birbeck

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